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Waking Up In Paris…

I came across this beautiful picture of Duplex Terrace Eiffel Tower View Suite at the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris courtesy of  Haute Residence , and knew that it had to go on my vision board. I will be waking up to this view next summer. Not only will I wake up to this exact view, I will be there with the love of my life, my husband. I would love for you to share with me places you visualize going. Part of your vision coming true is you writing it down, putting a picture that represents the vision so you can see it, and really feeling yourself having it. You will have whatever you can see and feeling yourself having, exercise your faith. The stronger you get, the easier things will come.



The_Kuu_Life__LobbyLe Bar


Grand Staircase The_Kuu_Life_Grand_Staircase


Duplex Terrace Eiffel Tower View SuiteThe_Kuu_Life_Room



Dinner at Shang Palace- Authentic Cantonese RestaurantThe_Kuu_Life_Shang_Palace

Dinner at L’Abeille- Gastronomic French RestaurantThe_Kuu_Life_L'Abeille

Dinner at La Bauhinia- Contemporary Offering French and Southeast- Asian The_Kuu_Life_Dinner1


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