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Completing A Very Important Circle

Violet blue lines lead across my blooming body, rich with nutrient-dense, oxygen saturated blood. Life force flowing to my baby. My heart pushes and pumps double the volume, my lungs open wider, pulling more oxygen from shallower breaths. My breasts more bountiful each day, slowly preparing to carry the nectar of life. My womb is full of baby, who stretches and twists with ease. I feel they have become more aware of their surroundings, often responding to my voice and the pokes of siblings. We have entered the third trimester. The number three vibrates with childlike creativity and its resonates deeply with what I am doing externally in my motherly creation of a “nest” for the new baby. Upon entering the 29th week, I have begun doing self checks every two weeks, alternating with a visit with my senior midwife. It has been an empowering journey to provide self care. I discovered fears buried deep under layers of my existence that I didn’t know we’re affecting me directly. I found new trust in myself and my body. I give care to multiple women and their babies a year and it was a difficult veil to walk through, knowing that I could trust myself to give the same care to my baby and I. It has been nice to have another woman to put her hands on my belly through. Care and touch is vital during the creation of life and it has been a good change to begin having my senior interact with my baby. 
As we move closer to our birth dance day, I prepare my heart and mind by doing visualizations and positive affirmations. I have begun working with Vera, my five year old, who if the time and moment is right will be assisting me to receive her new sibling. We talk about birth with her taking the lead. Her curiosity and wonder about birth ignite a new passion in me, the passing of knowledge and wisdom about birth to our daughters. To know that she may be apart of this birthing experience feels like I am completing a very important circle. Courtesy of @laughing.moon

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