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What Does My Fashion Says About Me?

Fashion is an expression of individuals, special groups and cultures. Fashion is important as a means of interpreting social attitudes and values in a particular period of time. To the individual woman, fashion may be a means of expressing a particular element of her personality. Rich colors and luminous accessories may suit an extrovert personality. On the other hand, beliefs can be powerful forces that affect our health and capacity to heal.  This is often in conflict with fashion; whether personal or cultural, they usually affect us in modifying our behavior. It refers to contemporary mass culture, and all of the influences that color it – current slang, movies, television, music, products, and technology. It implies a widespread familiarity with common entertainment and consumer items, and will vary from one generation to the next as those things change. Some may feel more comfortable following a trend set for them. Glamorous fashion magazines or celebrities might set up fashion trends. Others may express their individuality by creating their own fashion. For each generation, fashion is different …

Solange- Living in Color

8 gigs, 8 studio sessions, 6 flights, in 2 weeks….but got to sleep in my bed for 2 nights 🌻While I was home Julez pulled out my chair for me at lunch, said he’d sell his Nintendo so I could get a dress I loved when we went stopped by a store, and said he sees Chinese symbols when he listens to Alice Coltrane. He’s phenomenal and I’m in love with he and it’s really really hard to be away. I cried this morning because this is the longest we’ve been apart and my insides kind of split in half when I headed to the airport, but I’m working really really hard to finish this damn album and so grateful to have his and my hubby’s support. 
I like to use IG to create and share a little color and laughter in my life, and to see the beauty and fun in things in the midst of a lot of hard ass work and sacrifice that goes along with it. Its just not fun to show …

My Love for Distressed Denim

I love being able to look chic while running around town, and this is one of my typical go to outfits. A comfy hoody with a pair of distressed jeans makes it casual and easy for everyday errands, but when I through on a pair of heels, a cute bag, and jewelry to accessorize my look, I can now go from doing my grocery shopping to brunch with ease. Black shirt $34 – MANGO boyfriend jeans $61 – Gucci black boots $1,005 – Givenchy satchel Maiyet gold ring $575 – Gold earrings $4.07 –