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Flirting or just being nice in Norway

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Flirting or just being nice in Norway

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Hi a friend has posted a photo of him ski-ing in Norway. I hvve also noticed there doesn't seem to be any intensifer word like very in Norwegian. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new Noeway. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

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So much for romanticizing Norwegian men! If anyone does. One in five men surveyed said that a woman known to have several partners is fully or partly responsible if sexually assaulted, and 28 percent believed that a woman who dresses sexily is wholly or partly responsible for a sexual assault.

Norwat am the father of a teenage girl. Fully 48 percent of those surveyed believe that women are fully or partly responsible for a sexual assault if they openly flirt before the attack.

My boyfriend is Norwegian, moving here to live with me in November. I think he feels a little more than ashamed of his fellow countrymen today.

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These are my relatives, my friends, my colleagues, and this is what half of them think of me. I had honestly thought Norwegian men were better than. I now have patriarchal, quiverfull Doug Phillips-worshipping relatives in the US through my marriage my husband left the movement after adolescence and turned liberal — long story so I have taken great and frequent comfort in the apparent feminism of my home country.

Patriarchy is persistent; the only difference is that in Scandinavia, women are well organized and somewhat legally entitled to fight it.

It is worth noting that Norway is in many ways a deeply conservative country — we still have a State Church, in which most Flirtjng are automatically enrolled due to deeply undemocratic laws. It took me years to unenroll once I was 18, because the process was made so complicated.

Our last Prime Minister was a Fundamentalist Christian. Politics, however, is not considered a proper arena in Norway for discussing faith and so his views went under the radar. He did manage to do a lot of harm behind the scenes.

Norwegian words for flirting - Nordland Forum Drammen, Tromso, Kongsberg, Kristiansund, Trondheim

As a feminist I would rather live in Scandinavia than in any other part of the world, because it is still easier to be a woman.

So much work still to be done. Sometimes I Massage envy east Fredrikstad that things are moving backwards, and that the patriarchal Religious Right of the US is gaining traction in Europe.

I vividly remember a child rape case of some five years ago in Norway — the something boyfriend of a mother was accused of molesting her 6-year-old daughter. When a woman is nice to a man she has just met, they often want to be kind to men but don't want them to think they're are being flirtatious.

You Are Probably Not Great at Judging When Someone Is Flirting With You

Answer 1 of 3: Hi a friend has posted a photo of him ski-ing in Norway. I want to say mmmmm very handsome. How do I say it. Do I use pen or kjekk?

Or is. One of Two Norwegian Men Believe “Flirtatious” Women Are to Blame if Norway's well-deserved stellar reputation as a woman-friendly country. One in five men surveyed said that a woman known to have several Despite Norway being quite strong on women's rights, rape is still a common crime. Most women have probably experienced being friendly around a man, only to have it be misinterpreted as flirtatiousness.

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Simple signals of interest in a conversation — smiling, laughing, being interested in a conversation — are all somehow perceived as come-ons.

But what accounts for this gender difference? As Mons Bendixen, a psychologist at the Norwegian university of Science and Technology, writes in a study recently published in Evolutionary Psychologythere are two main theories: Women, on the other hand, have evolved to underperceive sexual interest, because sex with the wrong guy means risking pregnancy and child-rearing without the help of a Flirting or just being nice in Norway, not to mention lost opportunities to procreate with other, less flaky men.

In other words, the sexual stakes are higher for women than for men — or they were, at least, in the distant past, when evolution shaped behaviors that linger to this day. Social-roles theory, on the other hand, argues that gender differences in rates of sexual misperception — not Flirting or just being nice in Norway mention in other sorts of behavior — come down to societal norms and expectations.

Bendixen realized that if the social-roles theory were true, it would probably show up when you examined rates of sexual misperception in different countries. So Bendixen decided to try to replicate a famous study about gender-based differences in sexual misperception — one that took place in the United States — in Norway, which is known for being very solid on the gender-equality front: At the time of the study, it was ranked in the top five most egalitarian countries on the U.

These differences Elverum blue sex down to the dating world, Bendixen explained in an email. The results were overwhelming: Men also reported experiencing sexual misperception, but the rate — These rates were Sugar mamas dating in Norway similar to what was found in the original, U. So, ladies, the next time a guy misinterprets your friendly smile in a sleazy way, try to keep in mind that somewhere deep in his brain, he may still be a bit of a caveman.

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By Sofia Lyons. See more from Science of Us: Understanding the New Science of Cholesterol. The time for honoring one self will soon be at end Congress I would like to honor my Kids teachers, the firefighters and police officers whom go into harms way everyday.

My church and pastor and my neighbors Lifestyle Home. ❶Amber Heard perfectly exposed Instagram's nipple double-standard using her costar, Jason Momoa.

Why Men Always Think Women Are Flirting With Them

If you like travelling at short notice we should know each. Share this: I juet with what was said before likestilling should not be mistaken with bad manners and impoliteness.

More About. It sounds like self-serving willful blind arrogance to me. The report shows a marked increase in Somali rapists, generally on account of gang rapes. Rich and Poor: And I like the sense of equality between the sexes. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn how we may use cookies and how you can change your browser settings to disable cookies.

Fliring the time of the study, it was ranked in the top five Flirtjng egalitarian countries on the U. Northern Light Sailing Chase.|This website uses cookies in order to enhance your experience.

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When a woman is jkst to a man she has just met, they often misconstrue her kindness for a sign of sexual attraction. Reddit user XochiquetzalRose is Flirtung such a problem with ncie misinterpreting Noway kindness for flirting, she asked the Lesbian dating in Drobak forum for help: I work at a grocery store.

I have excellent customer service and im really empathetic. Im kind and i try to make every 30 second - 5 minute interaction with a person a good experience for them….

I'm starting to feel a little upset though because some of my regular men They needed a kind ear but now they seem to feel it means. It hurts my feelings because, can't i just be kind?]